About Us

Our Story

Quibble Content was founded in 2016 as a content marketing agency with expertise in the software and technology industries. Today, we are so much more.

In the beginning
Quibble Content was founded by Anna Morrish, who brought along years of print and digital marketing experience from both in-house marketing roles to multinational agencies.
Her passion for content marketing and her desire to help others drove her to create a new service offering, providing marketing agency support without the high costs. Henceforth, Quibble Content was born.

We have first-hand knowledge of the kind of service fees charged by marketing agencies, which is why we created the Quibble Network – providing a full-service offering by managing world-class freelancers within one package, as well as the editorial, project management and content marketing expertise from the founder herself.
We like to keep things honest and simple. We’re always on hand to provide the support you need and even lend an ear to should you need to bounce some ideas around. Think of us as your strategic business partner!

And Beyond
Quibble has grown rapidly and is now growing their awesome team to help make sure clients get the attention they need. From this growth Quibble’s niche has now been set and its value for clients stands clear.

What we do

Essentially, we help you engage with your audience to convert more leads into recurring customers.

Let us get the technical details out the way first…

Quibble Content helps brands analyse their target audience and creates content to ensure engagement is maintained at each stage of the buying cycle. Using a mix of technical skills and content expertise Quibble can provide a full marketing plan, producing the content your audience is looking for, resulting in increased leads and ultimately the bottom line of your business.
What it really comes down to is people. No matter what business you are in, no matter how automated you believe your marketing and sales process can be, we are still people dealing with people. As such, we create a plan to appeal to your audience’s emotions and help them realise how awesome you are.